Orion Ruse was a role-playing game adventure supplement released by FASA, as part of their Star Trek: The Role Playing Game series.


The Captain of TransSolar's Eridani Star was not a happy man. By all rights, he ought to have been satisfied, confident, and even smug. He'd just received permission to open trade talks with the Orion-settled world of Daros IV, the commercial center for an entire sector.

'Unfortunately,' thought the Captain, 'there is a fly in the ointment — several flies, in fact, and they all wear Star Fleet uniforms. A Federation merchant ship had disappeared near the Daros system, and someone in Intelligence was convinced that the Eridani Star would make an excellent spy ship.'


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Planets and planetoidsEdit

Daros IV
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Races and culturesEdit

HumanKlethorianKlingon (Human FusionImperial Race) • Orion (Ruddy Orion) • Torian
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Organian Treaty Zone

Stars and systemsEdit

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Amal systemCorosKarionKlethorMiros

Starships and vehiclesEdit

aircarcarcargo lighterEridani StarMorakosUSS PattonWerewolf
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Stations and outpostsEdit

Outpost 36

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