The Orion Victory League was a terrorist organization that took in young Federation citizens and, through a variety of means, convinced them to commit assassinations, in the name of a supposed peaceful cause. The OVL was famous for their brainwashing techniques.

In the 2280s, Trisha Fox became involved in the OVL, under the code name "Enigma". By 2285, she had been driven mad after acquiring the Antosian skill of cellular metamorphosis as an assassin's skill. Trisha's father, Ambassador at Large Robert Fox, had been selected for termination by the OVL due to his participation in Federation-Klingon peace treaty discussions, and she became determined to kill him. Trisha stowed away aboard the USS Enterprise disguised as an Andorian Starfleet serviceman who was due to join the starship's crew. She tried twice to kill the ambassador, critically wounding and kidnapping Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in the process, before escaping to the planet Babel. Rear Admiral James T. Kirk was able to capture Trisha and convinced her to tell him Scotty's whereabouts before reuniting the father and daughter. Although the OVL was intent of ending the peace talks, their efforts helped to convince Klingon Ambassador Kalor to award Kirk the Klingon Courage Medal. (TOS comic: "Who Is... Enigma?")

While not immediately specified, the name gives the impression that the organization could have originated in the Orion Arm of the galaxy, perhaps in the Orion system, Orion sector or the space defined as the Orion constellation. The name also carries an implication that the Orion races and cultures could be involved, although neither possibility was mentioned outright; the Orion Freedom League has a similar name.
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