The Orion outpost was an embassy/outpost on Qo'noS which was operated by the Orions. The land had been given to the Orions by the Klingons. The outpost was built over the ruins of a shrine to Molor and a vent that led Qo'noS' underground volcano system. The Orions and other species ran a black market that dealt in arms dealing, gambling, and prostitution. The outpost also had a tattoo parlor, a cabaret, and gormagander meat was sold there. (DSC episode: "Will You Take My Hand?")

History[edit | edit source]

In the 2230s, Section 31 operative, Leland learned that a time crystal would be found at the outpost. In 2257, a landing party from the USS Discovery under "Captain" Philippa Georgiou went to the outpost to map it for an attack. In truth, Georgiou attempted to plant a hydro bomb in the Well of Molor. Burnham was able to stop her from detonating it and convince L'Rell to use it to end war and have her named as the Klingon High Council's Chancellor. Georgiou was given her freedom and stayed at the outpost. Georgiou took over the cabaret until she met Captain Leland who offered a position in Section 31 as a "Security Consultant". (DSC episodes: "Will You Take My Hand?", "The Red Angel")

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