Orion pirate ship was a generic name given to a certain class of Orion vessels commonly used for piracy and warfare, commissioned during the early to the mid-23rd century. Designed for raiding activity, it was a favourite of Orion pirates and of pirates of other races.

The typical Orion pirate ship was typically equipped with better sensors and engines than most trading vessels of the time, enabling it to detect targets at long range and quickly reach and attack and its prey. However, individual captains were prone to making modifications to the standard design, according to preference, choosing for example more powerful weapons at the cost of slower engines, or reducing weapons in favour of better sensors and shields. A few salvaged torpedo launchers from derelict military vessels. Others were tuned for suicide missions, doubling their power input before their self-destruction.

At impulse, this vessel could cruise at 0.5c and reach 0.75c. At warp, it had a standard cruising speed of warp factor 4 to 5, but could reach speeds of warp factor 6.5 for up to 12 hours.

It was armed with type epsilon disruptors, and protected by standard deflector shields. It also had two tractor beams, fore and aft, and six transporters – two for personnel, two for cargo, and two for emergency escape. It had a crew of 70, and could carry 50 passengers, and space for 500 in an emergency. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Original Series Core Game Book)

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