In another quantum reality, the Ornathia-class was a Bajoran warship class in service to the Bajoran Militia in the 24th century. Several ships of this class were built after the Bajorans overthrew the Cardassian Empire and became even more aggressive. Ships of this class attacked Federation assets and starships. The Ornathia-class was based on the Janitza-class assault ship but carried an additional warp nacelle. (CCG set: Ornathia)

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Circa stardate 47391.2 (May 23, 2370), the Ornathia-class warship B'tanay destroyed the Federation Argus Array and attacked the USS Enterprise-D. The B'tanay fled the scene when 250,000 additional Enterprises appeared through a quantum fissure. (TNG episode: "Parallels"; CCG reference: Fractured Time)

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