Ororo (codename: Storm) was a member of the mutant team called the X-Men from what appeared to be the past of an alternate reality. She had white hair and the ability to control the weather (her eyes glowed white when her powers were in use).

As a child, she was oprhaned but adapted to life on the streets of Cairo. When her mutant abilities developed, some in Africa considered her to be a goddess. (TNG comic: "Second Contact")

In fighting a combined being that was a mix of Proteus and Gary Mitchell, she used lightning to help destroy Gary Mitchell in conjunction with phaser fire from an Enterprise landing party and the powers of her fellow X-Men. Storm then used wind to search through debris in an effort to find the Mitchell/Proteus body, but nothing was seemingly left; earlier in the battle, she used the same wind ability to save the lives of Nyota Uhura and Pavel Chekov when a fissue threatened their lives.

Storm told Leonard McCoy that she had never seen fellow X-Man Beast "shut up." She was also the person to first realize a new third being was created by the mixture of Proteus and Gary Mitchell. Her first instinct upon arriving in the reality of the Enterprise was to get help for the injured Gambit. (ST comic: "Star TreX")


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