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The Osadjani are a space-faring species of humanoids native to the class M moon Osadj Prime, located in the Osadj star system, Xarantine sector, Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. The Osadjani joined the United Federation of Planets in the year 2190.


The Osadjani are native to the class M moon of Osadj Prime, which orbits a large gas giant planet, and the third planet in the system of the same name.

Despite being a space-faring species for several centuries before encountering the Federation, the Osadjani are relatively reserved. They do not have the strong desire for exploration found in Humans and other Federation member species. As such, they only visited a small region of space, before encountering the Federation.

Considered a private species, it is uncustomary for Osadjani to inquire about casual topics in conversation, saving their rather short interactions for direct discussion about necessary information.

Although not great explorers, they do possess a considerable disposition to math and statistics, which lends them naturally to clinical fields of science.

Though the arts is not well practiced by the Osadjani, their discovery of music produced by other species was especially well received in Osadjani culture. They have incorporated this adopted music into their culture over the last several centuries. (TOS novel: Starfleet: Year One)


The Osadjani are a humanoid species, generally taller and more slender than most humanoids, likely because they evolved on a moon with less gravity. They have varying skin tones of green, yellow, red, and purple, and facial markings are a variety of linear patterns across their face and head. Both genders lack hair. (TOS novel: Starfleet: Year One)

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