The Otamawan was a small starship used by mercenaries in the 2370s. The species who served aboard it included a Human, an Efrosian, an Andorian, a Tiburonian and a Caitian.

In 2377, the Otamawan was docked at the Iljar spaceport on Harkoum. Grauq, a Chalnoth mercenary hired by Iliana Ghemor to kill the mirror universe Iliana Ghemor, believed the alternate Ghemor would steal the Otamawan to aid her goals. Grauq watched the Otamawan constantly, although Ghemor managed to steal his own ship, the Githzarai. Grauq killed the entire crew of the Otamawan and used it to pursue Ghemor, but soon discovered that the Githzarai was empty, Ghemor having put it on autopilot. Grauq later transported to the Githzarai from the Otamawan. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

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