Dr. Othello Beck was one of the greatest medical minds in the Federation. (TOS comic: "Year Four, Issue 1")

Career[edit | edit source]

Othello Beck was born in 2210. In 2241, he was awarded the Phlox Prize for medicine. Sometime during his career he married a Vulcan female. After that, Beck went to Bajor, where he worked at its Medical Institute. Nine years later in 2250, he was force to resign from the institute due to a psychiatric evaluation of himself, most likely due to his attempt to cure his wife's Logan's disease. Two years later Beck was arrested for buying Vulcan genetic samples to help with his experimental treatments. Despite his wife's plea to kill her, Beck kept alive which drove him mad. (TOS comic: "Year Four, Issue 1")

The Strand[edit | edit source]

For twelve years, using a reference from his research on Bajor, Beck searched for a place called The Strand. When he found it, all that was there was an abandoned set of co-joined planets and a lab. At this lab, Beck found cures to Sun plague and Centauri shingles. He also created new B'Nai such as Una and others. Beck tried to suppress their predatory genes with little success.

In 2269, Beck welcomed the USS Enterprise's away team to the surface. He gave them a tour of the lab until one of the B'Nai killed Ensign Alonzo. Beck then convinced Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy to stay there. Beck then showed Dr. McCoy the lab and its many serums. Beck then killed one of his B'Nai assistants when it ruined three months of his work in front of Dr. McCoy. He then put Kirk and McCoy into a holding area. When Beck saw that the B'Nai were angry when they fired on the Enterprise and that Una discovered his secret, he killed them and then himself. (TOS comic: "Year Four, Issue 1")

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