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In the year 1012260, the crew of the Mega-Federation starship USS UberEnterprise (NCC-1701-∞), under joint command of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, after nearly a million years of exploring most of the universe, at long last encounters the Milky Way Galaxy in the Bootes Void, millions of light-years from where it should exist in this time. Most of the crew is happy at this, but Data, who has not left his quarters in five thousand years, has become something of a crazy hermit, and acting as if their mission is useless.

The UberEnterprise sends various survey missions to the homeworlds of the Mega-Federation, but all contact is lost. Kirk leads an away team to Unifleet Headquarters on Earth, where it appears everyone has simply disappeared. A large wall of energy approaches them and speaks to them, revealing itself to be the combined consciousnesses of the various peoples of the Mega-Federation, who evolved into non-corporeal lifeforms 250,000 years earlier. They moved the galaxy to prevent its collision with another. It is also revealed that the crew of the UberEnterprise are holographic representations based on their predecessors millennia ago. Only the million-year-old android Data is real, and he has withdrawn due to the fact that he is surrounded by "poltergeists."

The hyper-evolved beings are preparing to shut down the crew when Kirk points out the fact that since losing corporeality the races of the Mega-Federation have become stagnant, only seeking knowledge within themselves and how the UberEnterprise crew have explored thousands of galaxies, trillions of worlds, and have set up new federations to prepare for eventual union with one another. The holograms are more "real" than the people who sent them out, and want to continue exploring. The beings relent, and let them continue their mission. Data, who has gone as far as he can develop and improve, is finally given his greatest wish and made human. He goes on with his old ship to explore the far reaches of the universe, with the galaxy itself accompanying them on their journey.


Pavel Chekov (hologram)The ConvergenceBeverly Crusher (hologram)DataJames T. Kirk (hologram)Geordi La Forge (hologram)LemarkLeonard McCoy (hologram)Jean-Luc Picard (hologram)William T. Riker (hologram)Spock (hologram)Hikaru Sulu (hologram)Deanna Troi (hologram)Nyota Uhura (hologram)Worf (hologram)
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Montgomery Scott (hologram)

Starships and vehicles[]

USS UberEnterpriseMega-Federation starship


Bootes VoidEarthMilky Way GalaxyUnifleet Headquarters
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AndorCardassiaCentaurus SuperclusterComa WallFerenginarGreat LinkQo'noSShapley SuperclusterSiren GalaxySqurrTalaxTholiaVirgo SuperclusterVulcan (planet)

Races and cultures[]

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States and organizations[]

Mega-FederationUniversal Fleet

Other references[]

blinkporterFlying Dutchmanhologrammobile emitter




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