Outpost Tarsus IV (OT-4) was a Federation Starfleet outpost located in the city of New Anchorage on Tarsus IV.

The facility was established in the mid 22nd century. Over the years a civilian colony became established by the outpost. Starfleet teams were rotated through the outpost on a regular basis.

In 2246, the outpost's commanding officer was Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca. Then Lieutenant Lorca had been seeking a change in pace from starship duty and applied for the posting when it came available. With his application for the CO billet accepted he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Before then Governor Adrian Kodos had 4,000 colonists put to death, a raiding party dispatched by Kodos attacked the installation in order to neutralize the Starfleet team and obtain supplies. The raiders were able to kill Lieutenant Piotr Nolokov and CPO Meizhen Bao, but Lorca, Terri Bridges, and Aasal Soltani were able to escape a similar fate.

Hiding in the city, the officers rendezvoused with the crew of the USS Narbonne after the colony support vessel landed at the New Anchorage Spaceport. Working with Captain Aurobindo Korrapati and Lieutenant Commander Philippa Georgiou, the outpost survivors assisted in coordinating relief efforts and in hunting down Kodos and his followers in order to bring them to Federation justice.

Following the apparent death of Kodos and the arrival of the USS Enterprise, the outpost survivors were relieved by other personnel and returned to Starbase 11. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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