The Oxis Dey was an independent merchantman, a freighter, registered to a Rynosh named Tellion in the 2380s. Including Master Tellion, it had a crew of six, all Rynosh. The Oxis Dey usually operated in the Galador Corridor.


The Oxis Dey had minimal weapons, marginally upgraded deflector shields, and a mid-range warp drive. Three cargo bays within the ship had additional shielding to protect delicate cargo. This shielding also made the bays impenetrable to sensors.


In mid-2385 Oxis Dey left port at the Rexton Colony bound for Deep Space 9, via Nivoch. This route meant that it travelled along the edge of the Badlands. Amongst its cargo were delicate foodstuffs stored in the shielded cargo bays.

Oxis Dey crossed Deep Space 9's outer sensor net on 2 September 2385, a day earlier than expected, due to a faster passage through customs at Nivoch, and favourable conditions along the Badlands. Due to the very recent assassination of President of the United Federation of Planets, Nanietta Bacco, at DS9 six days previously, the Oxis Dey's early arrival and shielded compartments, not to mention its unusual route away from the Galador Corridor, were cause for concern for DS9's crew. Captain Ro Laren requested an inspection before allowing the merchantman to DS9, which Master Tellion agreed to. The Oxis Dey was accordingly intercepted by the USS Defiant under Lieutenant Commander Wheeler Stinson's command, inspected, then allowed to proceed to DS9 to dock. (DS9 novel: Sacraments of Fire)

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