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A PC (Personal Computer) is computer designed for home use, eg. the average consumer can afford to buy one and do what every they please on it (within its capabilities). The term also includes laptop computers, more portable PC's.

Since their creation there have been numerous Star Trek games for PCs produced by various companies; Simon and Schuster Interactive, Interplay, Activision, Bethesda Softworks

List of Star Trek PC games[edit | edit source]

Title Publisher Developer Released Box Art
Star Trek
25th Anniversary
Interplay 1991 25th Anniversary.jpg
Star Trek
Activision Activision 2000 Armada.jpg
Star Trek
Armada II
Activision Mad Doc Software 2001 Armada 2.jpg
Star Trek
Away Team
Activision Reflexive Entertainment Inc. 14 March 2001 Away team cover.jpg
Star Trek
Simon and Schuster Interactive Simon and Schuster Interactive 1996 Borg game.jpg
Star Trek
Bridge Commander
Activision Totally Games 2002 Bridge Commander.jpg
Star Trek
ConQuest Online
Activision Genetic Anomalies 20 June 2000 ConQuest Online.jpg
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Dominion Wars
Simon and Schuster Interactive Gizmo Games 12 June 2001 Dominion Wars.jpg
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Fallen
Simon & Schuster The Collective 21 November 2000 The Fallen.jpg
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Viacom New Media Stormfront Studios 1996 DS9 Harbinger.jpg
Star Trek
Elite Force II
Activision Ritual Entertainment 2003 Elite Force 2 cover.jpg
Star Trek
Hidden Evil
Activision Presto Studios November 1999 Hidden Evil.jpg
Star Trek
Judgment Rites
Interplay Interplay 1993 Judgment Rites.jpg
Star Trek
Simon and Schuster Interactive Simon and Schuster Interactive 1996 Klingon game.jpg
Star Trek
Klingon Academy
Interplay 14 Degrees East 2000 Klingon Academy.jpg
Star Trek
Perpetual Entertainment Perpetual Entertainment 2008
Star Trek
Bethesda Softworks Mad Doc Software 2006 Legacy cover.jpg
Star Trek
New Worlds
Interplay 14 Degrees East 2000 New Worlds.jpg
Star Trek
Starfleet Academy
Interplay Interplay 1997 Starfleet Academy (game).jpg
Star Trek
Starfleet Command
Interplay 14 Degrees East 1999 Starfleet Command (game).jpg
Star Trek
Starfleet Command
Volume II:
Empires at War
Interplay Taldren
14 Degrees East
20 December 2000 SFC2.jpg
Star Trek
Starfleet Command III
Activision Taldren 2002 SFC3.jpg
Star Trek
Starship Creator
Simon and Schuster Interactive Simon and Schuster Interactive 1998 Starship Creator.jpg
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Birth of the Federation
Hasbro Interactive MicroProse June 1999 Birth of the Federation.jpg
Star Trek: The Next Generation
A Final Unity
Spectrum Holobyte MicroProse June 1995 A Final Unity.jpg
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Klingon Honor Guard
MicroProse MicroProse 1998 Honor Guard.jpg
Star Trek: Voyager
Elite Force
Activision Raven Software 20 September 2000 Elite Force.jpg

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