The Pa'haquel were a race of avian beings who had achieved stellar flight by the late 24th century. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds)

Biology Edit

The Pa'haquel are a bi-pedal predatory avian race, slim-boned and decked with downy, green-gold feathers. They possess hawklike eyes that stare above sharp-toothed, beak-tipped muzzles, and vivid-hued, feathery crests topped many of their heads. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds)

History Edit

According to the Pa'haquel history, countless years ago they hailed from a planet called Quelha. Originally the Pa'haquel were a race of savages with spears that struggled to survive. One major occurrence that uplifted the Pa'haquel into a civilized culture was the discovery of the star-jellies that made Quelha a breeding ground for their young.

With the star-jellies assistance and generosity, the Pa'haquel were able to build a civilization, to devote themselves to art and learning. However the young race grew greedy, and demanded too much from the star-jellies causing many to die and eventually abandon Quelha.

Quelha would be devastated by a starbeast. In order to sustain themselves the Pa'haquel had to learn to follow those few that remained when their time came to rise to space. They converted the corpses of the remaining star-jellies into starships that they utilized to uplift themselves into a space-faring culture.

A millennium ago the Orion Association faced an incursion of starbeasts that devoured and devastated many of its worlds and civilizations. The Rianconi were once such victims of the starbeasts, but were rescued by the Pa'haquel. Originally the hunters intended to leave the herbivore race on another planet, but the Rianconi, traumatized by the death and helplessness, refused. The two races would continue traveling together, following the starbeasts migrations. Their alliance would become the foundations of the Pa'haquel alliance that would incorporate many other victim races into the Pa'haquel way of life.

Following the trails of their sacred beast, the star-jellies, their journeys would eventually take them to the Gum Nebula where a vast ecosystem of starbeasts thrived.

The USS Titan made contact with the Pa'haquel sometime in 2380, and obtained star charts from them. These charts noted a star in the Beta Quadrant that no longer appeared visible, but emitted high-energy radiation. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds, ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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