Pahl was a male of mixed Naxeran and Weyrie heritage, born in the early 24th century. As a genetic hybrid, he had the blue eyes of a Weyrie, and skin a light brown between the ebony of Naxerans and the white of Weyries. Pahl also slept and dreamt -- normal for Weyries, but unusual for Naxerans.

Pahl also exhibited signs of telepathic abilities, particularly with a Human-Betazoid teenager named Jason Garrett. These abilities presented a close match to the genetic makeup needed by the dithparu the two discovered in 2336, during an archaeological survey on an unnamed planet near the Cardassian border. Pahl was briefly possessed by Uramtali, the leader of the non-corporeal beings, but was freed through the efforts of Ven Kaldarren, and the medical care of Jo Stern. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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