Pahtel was an exomale Jelna in the 24th century. Pahtel served as an administrator of the colony construction venture on Votar VII in the 2360s.

It was a joint project with a number of Kaylar, who were contracted to provide construction and repair services for suitable compensation. However, in 2368, Pahtel and the Jelna Rigelians attempted to renegotiate their contract with the Kaylar laborers and tried to force a lower rate of compensation upon them. The Kaylar refused the terms of the new contract and in response launched an attack on a dam and a power plant, "repossessing" the facility, and cutting the power it provided, plunging the colony into darkness. Pahtel called them barbarians and savages.

The USS Enterprise-D was dispatched to the Votar VII colony to end the dispute. Pahtel met with Lieutenant Worf and Ensign Ro Laren and exaggerated the Kaylar threat, claiming that they would destroy the dam if their demands weren't met. Pahtel had also convinced the Kaylar that the Federation would side with the Jelna and force the Kaylar out. Once these facts came to light, Worf threatened to abandon the Jelna to it and to cut future Federation contracts with the Rigelian group. Pahtel yielded and returned to negotiations with the Kaylar administrator, Areen, aboard the Enterprise. (TNG comic: "A Matter of Dates")

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