Palandine was a female Cardassian who was a student at the Bamarren Institute for State Intelligence where she was given the designation One Ketay.

Palandine first met Elim Garak in the pit after training, where defying the institutes rules shared her real name and persuaded Garak to do likewise. She encouraged Garak to enjoy himself to get through the pains of homesickness and physical torment of the institute. Palandine and Garak became good friends and often spent time together in further defiance of the rules, they talked of politics and family and she introduced him to poetry, in particular the works of Maran Bry. However behind her genuine affection she was using Garak to help in her betrothed Barkan Lokar and her own rise to power within the institute and uses Garak’s skills to take Barkan to victory in the institutes mock battle competition cementing his place in power. From then on her friendship with Garak deteriorated before he finally left the institute at the end of his first level.

Palandine married Barkan and they had a daughter Kel. For a while she worked in security at the ministry of science but eventually gave up her career. Some years later Elim Garak spotted Palandine and Kel playing in the grounds of the Tarlak Sector of Cardassia City. He took to watching her, which she was entirely aware of but did not approach him until years later when he decided to follow her home. Shortly after finally making contact with Elim the two began an affair. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

Palandine died in 2380, after contracting a plague widespread on Cardassia at the time. (DS9 short story: "The Calling")

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