The Palisade-class science vessel was a type of frigate used by the Voth by the 24th century. (VOY episode: "Distant Origin"; STO episode: "Solanae Dyson Sphere")

History[edit | edit source]

The Voth designed these starships with the purpose of providing the twin combined goals of exploration and research.[1]

In 2373 scientist Forra Egen and his assistant Tova Veer traveled aboard a Palisade-class while investigating USS Voyager and the Distant Origin theory. (VOY episode: "Distant Origin")

In 2409, the Allied forces of Dyson Joint Command encountered these ships while battling the Voth over Omega molecules in the Solonae Dyson Sphere. (STO episode: "Solanae Dyson Sphere")

Specifications[edit | edit source]

A Voth Palisade class frigate

These science vessels held advanced scientific capabilities due to their primary role being. Whilst focused on gathering knowledge, the design was quite capable of defending itself in a direct engagement. They were noted for their enduring construction that allowed them to withstand heavy incoming weapon fire. Though they were the smallest Voth ship, they were able to challenge enemy ships through the use of its scientific abilities.[1] They were armed with forward facing dual beam banks and rear arc beam arrays. They also carried transphasic-chroniton torpedoes in forward and rear launchers.[2]

In terms of capabilities, they were equipped with aceton field generators that affected the warp core of other vessels and also stored the energy of enemy vessels into it. This accumulated energy was capable of being expelled and sent back at enemies in the form of a powerful shockwave.[1]

They were the only vessel within the Voth fleet that made in-combat use of phase cloaking devices. This was combined in group tactics where groups of such ships coordinated to project a photonic decoy of a craft whereupon the original vessel activated its phase cloak. These decoys were volatile and exploded when exposed to high energy particles that disabled the engines of nearby ships.[2]

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