Pan was a Being, a member of an omnipotent race which visited Earth and became the source for Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. He was known for playing a Pan flute, and having horns and hooved feet.

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In the year 2267, Apollo was reminded of Pan when he first perceived Spock. “Pan always bored me.” (TOS novelization: Who Mourns for Adonais?)

Later in 2267, Pan was seen with Zeus and other Beings through a dimensional gateway to Mount Olympus. The Beings recreated Ulysses’ ordeals from the Odyssey, this time challenging James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Spock to survive the confrontations. (TOS comic: "What Fools These Mortals Be..")

In 2268, Alexander of Platonius was forced by Parmen to sing a song about Pan, from a play by Aristophanes. (TOS novelization: Plato's Stepchildren)

In 2376, Artemis was reminded of Pan when seeing Soleta. Like Apollo, she thought Pan to be boring and didn’t like him. (NF novel: Being Human)

Later in 2376, when meeting Ambassador Spock, Thoth told Anubis and Artemis that he was reminded of Pan. (NF novel: Gods Above)

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