Pandro is a planet located in the Garo VII star system. Pandro is the homeworld to a unique ecosystem of colony creatures, with the dominant creatures being a civilization known as the Pandronians.

Pandro has several large walled cities amidst its wild, unexplored wildnerness, called the varbox, where colony creatures join together and split apart in amazing, temporary, and often dangerous combinations. Only a few combinations have formed more permanent bond, including the Pandronians and their large beast of burden zintars. The capitol city is Tendrazin. Cashua is a medium-sized city several hundred laggers northeast of Tendrazin.

Pandro's ruler joins with a unique creature called Tam Paupa, which helps the ruler's decision making.

Following first contact between Pandro and the Federation in the 2260s, Ari bn Bem was assigned to the USS Enterprise in 2270 as an independent observer. (TAS episode & Star Trek Logs Nine and Ten novelization: Bem)

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