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Introduction (blurb)

For centuries, Risa has been the garden spot of the Alpha Quadrant, the place to go for rest, relaxation, and recreation. When the S.C.E. crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci learn their latest assignment is to Risa, they expect to find themselves in paradise.

But paradise isn't what it used to be. Something is draining power from the complex weather systems that keep the planet pleasant, and if the S.C.E. doesn't determine the cause soon, Risa as they know it will cease to exist forever!


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Andrew AngelopoulosBanderP8 BlueNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiBart FaulwellDavid GoldSonya GomezVance HawkinsSusan HaznedlEddie JohnsonRay JohnsonKazarEllec KrotineLauoc SoanElizabeth LenseMilanFrank PowersLaura PoynterMontgomery ScottAnthony ShabalalaShiraSparkySolomanFabian StevensMor glasch TevTonaisSongmin Wong
Referenced only
111Jonathan ArcherZephram CochraneKieran DuffyRachel GilmanRennan KonyaIna MarDavid McAllanMcGuinessTomkins

Starships and vehicles

Antedean freighterUSS da Vinciflyer (aircraft) • Nagus (Starstream-line yacht (pleasure yacht))
Referenced only
Andorian freighterDaniellaEnterprise (NX-01)IKS Qaw'qayshuttlecraftVoyager Six


Alpha QuadrantMonagas LagoonMonagas PeninsulaOlobonRisaSheltered Arms Resort
Referenced only
Catona BluffEarthGalvan VIKeller NebulaRomeSargasso sectorTenebWolf 359

Races and cultures

AndorianBajoranBoslicBynarGornHumanNasatNausicaanRisianSparky's speciesTellarite
Referenced only

States and organizations

Risan ControlRisan Operations UnitStarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

air cooleralienalpha shiftambassadorAndorian leatherantigravity beltantigravity unitatmosphereaway teamblenderbloodbridgecaptaincatcenturychief engineerclothingcomacombadgecommandercommanding officercommunicatorcomputerconn officercontinentcorncounselordaggerdatabankdata paddaydiameterdirectordisruptordoctorDominion Warearpieceenergy weaponensignFederation Standardfirefirst contactfirst officerflare gunfood synthesizergalaxyghostglassgrainGrand Nagusgunhairhelmsmanhomeworldhospitalhourhumanoidice creamimpulse engineindicatorinsectintercomkeypadlatinumleatherlieutenantlifeformlogiclungmapmarblemattermeteorologistmetermillicochraneminutemonitormonthnanosecondnebulanetobservation loungeofficeroperations officerorbitoxygenpaddphaserphaser riflepianistpilotpiña coladaplanetplantportable generatorpower cellprojectile weaponprune danishquadrantrainram scoopreptilianRules of Acquisitionsatellitescannerscience officerscientistsecondsecond officersecurity chiefsecurity guardsecurity officersensorshieldssickbaysonic toothbrushspacespeakerstarstarshipstar systemstreetlampsubspacetactical officertechniciantechnologytelepathytorchtransparent aluminumtransportertransporter chieftransporter roomtreetricorderturboliftuniverseviewscreenwarp coilwarp coil generatorwarp core chamberwarp drivewarp factorwarp fieldwater fountainweaponweather control systemwoodyearyellow alert


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