In the mirror universe, the Paradox-class was a Terran temporal dreadnought timeship in Imperial Starfleet service during the distant future. It was the most feared vessel in the reborn Empire's fleet because the ship was massive, agile and durable. (STO - New Dawn mission: "Counterpoint", STO website: Mirror Lockbox Ship Stats)

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The Paradox-class temporal dreadnought was among the Imperial Starfleet ships travelling to the past of the reborn Terran Empire. Equipping Admiral Leeta's fleet with future technology, the Iconians were crushed 200,000 years earlier. (STO - Future Proof missions: "Message from Another Universe I", "Message from Another Universe II", "Message from Another Universe III", "Message from Another Universe IV", "Message from Another Universe V")

The dreadnoughts subsequently joined their Mobius-class temporal destroyer and 25th century Starfleet counterparts in a joint Terran invasion of the primary universe in the year 2410. (STO - New Dawn mission: "Counterpoint")

The Lobi Crystal Consortium claimed Paradox-class dreadnoughts and offered them to commanding officers of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance through the Mirror Incursion lockboxes. (STO website: Mirror Lockbox Ship Stats)

The Paradox-class of ships was in service around the 29th century. The vessels crewed 2,300 officers and was equipped with a temporal rift stabilizer device. Compared to its contemporary Federation Starfleet counterparts, the Paradox-class was more geared for combat rather than the protection of the timeline. Its weapon systems consisted of antiproton beam arrays and cannons, as well as chroniton torpedo launchers. The dreadnought had room for a hangar filled with a four-unit squadron of Epoch-class timeships, called Aeon timeships. (STO website: Mirror Lockbox Ship Stats)

These dreadnoughts in Federation Starfleet could carry the registry number prefix NCV and the ship name prefix ISS instead of NCC and USS. (STO video game: New Dawn Mirror Incursion Lockbox)

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