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The 2002-2006 Paramount Television logo, as attached to Hogan's Heroes on TV Land.

Paramount Television was an American television production/distribution company that was active from December 1967 to 17 January, 2006.

Paramount Television was established when Paramount Pictures bought Desilu Studios and rebranded it as part of their own TV division. All Star Trek: The Original Series episodes after the acquisition and transfer during the production of Original Series season 2 were products of Paramoun Television.

Paramount tried twice to turn Paramount Television into its own network with the Star Trek franchise at the lead of the effort, first in the late 1970s with Star Trek: Phase II, which was ultimately canceled to be retooled as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, from the Paramount movie studio. Paramount Television instead released many of their productions to syndication, meaning they would not be run on any of the other networks.

Paramount Pictures and Paramount Television, now associated with Viacom, tried again in the 1990s to launch a network, this time with Star Trek: Voyager as the draw to attract viewers to their new UPN network. After running for a decade, UPN was taken down and the Paramount Television programming schedule was moved to other networks and production studios. As part of the deal, the production and broadcast rights of Star Trek television episodes was moved to CBS.

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