The Paris family, a line of Humans, is well known in the history of Starfleet.

Paris family genealogy: List[edit | edit source]

There is a break in the established lineage here, as it is unknown who Daniel Paris's parents are.

Mirror Universe family members[edit | edit source]

Kelvin timeline family members[edit | edit source]

Paris family genealogy: family tree[edit | edit source]

Bailey Paris
Mackenzie Paris
Argonne Paris
James & Caroline's father
James Paris
James Jr. & Taylor's mother
Caroline Cecile Paris
James Paris, Jr.
Taylor Paris
A daughter
Daniel Paris
Michael & Patricia's mother
Michael Thomas Paris
Victoria Santos
Patricia Paris
Owen Paris
Julia Paris
Cole Paris
Moira Paris
Kathleen Paris
Tom Paris
B'Elanna Torres
Miral Paris
Michael Owen Paris

Paris family genealogy: gallery[edit | edit source]

Kelvin timeline Family Members[edit | edit source]

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