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'''Parker''' was a [[Starfleet]] [[crewman]] serving aboard the {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-C|-C}} in the [[2340s]].
'''Parker''' was a [[Starfleet]] [[crewman]] serving aboard the {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-C|-C}} in the [[2340s]].

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Parker was a Starfleet crewman serving aboard the USS Enterprise-C in the 2340s.

Parker was serving as operations officer during the ship's final mission to Narendra III, and was one of a few to survive the vessel's destruction by Romulan forces. (TNG episode: "Yesterday's Enterprise"; TNG short story: "The Fourth Toast")

Parker does not appear in the novel Vulcan's Heart, which also involves the bridge crew of the Enterprise-C during the battle at Narendra III.
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