Ensign Parminder was a female Human Starfleet security officer from London, England in the 24th century. She was noted as being strikingly attractive with a petite build, raven black hair, and medium brown complexion. Her family was originally from India. In 2379 she was part of the Bravo team to Tezwa's Solasook Peninsula under Lieutenant Commander Data. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

She was part of the strike team that traveled to Anara-Zel to capture Tezwan General Gyero Minza, suggesting a diversion to deal with the sentries, and then infiltrated the building, stunning several enemy combatants then standing guard in the main hallway while Scott Fillion captured the General. Parminder was also part of the boarding team which secured the freighter Venezia's sickbay after its impounding by the Enterprise. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

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