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Parrises squares was a vigorous athletic game that was popular in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

An alternative spelling to the game's name is Parisi Squares. (TNG video game: Echoes from the Past)

Rigel VII had a notable mens Parrises squares team in the the 24th century. (DS9 comic: "Four Funerals and a Wedding")

When playing Parrises squares, players often wore unique padded uniforms and used a piece of equipment called an ion mallet. The game also involved a ramp, and if players weren't careful, they could easily fall off and injure themselves. (TNG episode: "Future Imperfect")


In the year 2253, Lieutenant José Tyler invited Spock to join a game of Parrises squares which was to be held in the USS Enterprise's rec room. (TOS - Spock: Reflections comic: "Issue 2")

In 2364, Lt. Tasha Yar and Lt. jg Worf lead a team of USS Enterprise-D crew members in a Parrises squares match while the Enterprise was undergoing a maintenance overhaul at Starbase 74. (TNG episode: "11001001")

In 2369, Beverly Crusher treated Will Riker for a scrape (in reality, a cut) that she presumed was caused by Riker playing the game, "like a 21-year-old." He eventually admitted the cut came from trying to feed Spot. (TNG episode: "Timescape")

In 2373, the Doctor created a holo-program to simulate the human concept of having a family. The program took a tragic turn when his "daughter," Belle, suffered a fatal injury during a game of Parrises squares and later died. (VOY episode: "Real Life")

Katherine Pulaski liked Parrises squares. (DS9 novel: Enigma Tales)

Kelvin timeline

The Fighting Phoenixes

Before he became an instructor, Trumble played on the Starfleet Academy's team, the Fighting Phoenixes. (SA - Starfleet Academy comic: "Issue 1")

In 2262, the Green Lantern, Guy Gardner joined the parrises squares team. (TOS - Stranger Worlds comic: "Issue 1")

Known players

  • M'Kota R'Cho
  • Raymond Marr
  • Belle

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