Real-world.png Partners? was a two-part comic story published by DC Comics in 1991, written by Howard Weinstein, as part of the second series of The Original Series comics. The two parts were the seventeenth and eighteenth issues of the series, "Partners?" and "Partners?, The Startling Conclusion!".


This two-part storyline was written and illustrated by a guest author and guest artists, giving regular artists Gordon Purcell and Arne Starr a two-month break. Peter David, who wrote the first 15 issues of the ongoing series, would return for only one more issue after this storyline before departing as regular writer, a position filled by Weinstein as of issue #20.


Issue Writer(s) Artist(s) Published Image
#17: "Partners?" Howard Weinstein March 1991
DC2 17.jpg
Cover image.
#8: "Partners?, The Startling Conclusion!" Howard Weinstein April 1991
DC2 18.jpg
Cover image.
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