Passage to Moauv was the first of 11 TOS stories produced by Peter Pan Records. It was initially released in 1975 as an audio production along with two other stories. It was subsequently packaged by itself accompanied by a 20-page comic book. This was the first of seven stories set during Captain James T. Kirk’s first five-year mission aboard the USS Enterprise and the first of six with an associated comic book.

In this story set in 2268, the USS Enterprise ferried a telepathic pet home.


Teaser ad promoting the initial LP release
The crew of the Enterprise in a trio of exciting adventures on a long-playing 33 1/3 RPM disc! You’ll be on the edge of your seat for the “Passage to Moauv,” weep for “The Crier in Emptiness,” and drink in “In Vino Veritas”! High-quality recordings, with no “warp factor”!


Captain's log, stardate 5440: The Enterprise has been ordered to transport the pet waul of the Moauvian ambassador from Centaurus Base to his home world of Moauv. We are proceeding on course... as rapidly as possible.



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Christine ChapelI-Chaya

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USS Enterprise


Beta Quadrant
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Centaurus BaseHorsehead NebulaMoauv

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Klingon Empire

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  • Passage to Moauv was first released in 1975 on Peter Pan TOS record #1 of 23, a 33-rpm LP, along with In Vino Veritas and The Crier in Emptiness.
  • It was subsequently released in 1975 as a solo story on 45-rpm record #5 accompanied by a 20-page comic book printed on thicker, whiter paper than was normal for comics at that time.
  • Subsequent re-releases in 1979 had cover imagery from TOS movie: The Motion Picture. The audio appeared on records #11 and 23 and the audio/comic on records #12 and #14.
  • The story was also released on audio cassette in 1979 accompanied by The Crier in Emptiness.

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