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Log Entries[]

  • Captain's log, Stardate 8958.6 
    I'm submitting this log entry from the surface of Gamma Trianguli VI, as our ship, the Enterprise, orbits the planet above us.
    I've been trying to contact her via communicator...
    But there's no reply... Just dead air... which only leads me to fear the worst.
    Our mission was simply to observe what changes Gamma Trianguli VI might have gone through since our last expedition twenty standard years ago.
    I made several decisions that have apparently turned this veritable Eden into a warring dark-age hell!
    The once peaceful inhabitants of this world- who worshiped the super computer Vaal-- have split into two factions as a direct result of my order to have Vaal short-circuited!
    Captain Spock, Commander Chekov, Ensigns Bryce and Konom and myself are with Akuta leader of the Vaalites-- those who pray for Vaal's return...
  • Captain's log: stardate 8959.3: supplemental  
    The optimist in me insists the Enterprise drifts aimlessly above us...
    While my landing crew, restrained, can do nothing save discuss that led us to this situation...
    As far as I am concerned, that too seems aimless...




James T. Kirk • Spock • Pavel ChekovMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluNyota UhuraLeonard McCoy


Nancy Bryce • Konom • AkutaWilliam BearclawCalchiMahoneyD'epositoPalmer

Starships & vehicles[]

USS Enterprise-A


Gamma Trianguli; Gamma Trianguli VI

Races & Cultures[]





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