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Reg Barclay, now working at the Pathfinder project to contact Voyager, believes he has found a way to contact the lost ship - and risks his career in Starfleet to develop it.



AyalaReginald BarclayChakotayChakotay (hologram)The DoctorPeter HarkinsKathryn JanewayKathryn Janeway (hologram)Harry KimHarry Kim (hologram)NeelixNeelix (cat)NicoleOwen ParisTom ParisTom Paris (hologram)Seven of NineB'Elanna TorresB'Elanna Torres (hologram)Deanna TroiTuvokTuvok (hologram)
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DataGeordi La ForgeAngie HarkinsHopeJean-Luc Picard


Communications Research CenterEarthDeep Space 9San FranciscoSector 3658Sector 41751Sector 41752Sector 41753Sector 64238Vulcan

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • type-6 shuttlecraft
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USS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-E

Races and cultures[]





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