Patrick Moore was a 23rd century Human man, a leading research scientist and geophysicist in the Federation.


During his time as a university professor, Moore served as an instructor to Stoy Aaraka. Aaraka became embittered after receiving a poor grade from Moore, a low point in the future Andorian scientist's career. Aaraka considered Moore to be deceitful, though Moore believed he did all he could to salvage the man's grade.

At some point, Moore and fellow Professor Emilie Bowers became intimate. She thought he treated her badly, and by the late 2260s she considered him coldly objective, heartless, and ambitious. Nonetheless, he kept current on her published research.

In 2256 or 2257, while working for the American Continent Institute, Moore befriended Lieutenant James T. Kirk of the USS Farragut.

In 2266, Moore became the director of the M-317 geological experimental station on the planet M-317. For the next two years, Moore and his technical assistant William Terrens would study rare geological formations such as the Great Rainbow Expanse and Moore's Fire Falls.

In 2267, Moore's published study of the Horta on Janus VI stunned scientists in the Federation.

By 2268, in addition to his geological studies, Moore had also spent more than a year classifying plant and animal lifeforms on M-317, which led to his greatest discovery: a fragrant tree species they'd named Tojufu was sentient.

In 2268, the Federation starship USS Enterprise transported Moore and Terrens to Beta Aurigae III, where Moore planned to announce his findings. He was murdered by poison en route, and Kirk exposed Terrens as the killer. (TOS comic: "Murder on the Enterprise")




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