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Patterns of Interference is the fifth novel in the Rise of the Federation series by Christopher L. Bennett, and was released in August of 2017.


The saga of the Star Trek: Enterprise TV series continues with this thrilling original novel!
The time has come to act. Following the destructive consequences of the Ware crisis, Admiral Jonathan Archer and Section 31 agent Trip Tucker both attempt to change their institutions to prevent further such tragedies. Archer pushes for a Starfleet directive of non-interference, but he faces opposition from allies within the fleet and unwelcome support from adversaries who wish to drive the Federation into complete isolationism. Meanwhile, Tucker plays a dangerous game against the corrupt leaders of Section 31, hoping to bring down their conspiracy once and for all. But is he willing to jeopardize Archer's efforts—and perhaps the fate of an entire world—in order to win?


Archer's advocating of a non-interference policy is disrupted by a broadcast from Tony Ruiz showing that Maltuvis' atrocities have become more extreme, including the systematic total destruction of an opposing city. Archer is forced to agree with Shran that interference is needed and sh'Mirrin decides to send in the Essex crew as military advisors. Since Caroline Paris, who has just started a relationship with Reed, is still on Earth, Archer promotes her to captain of the under-construction USS Vesta.

Tucker tries to convince Harris, who he and his friends are convinced founded Section 31, to sabotage the mission on Sauria in order to force through the non-intervention directive. However, Harris reveals that the Orion Sisters are already sabotaging it. Tucker decides to try and frame Section 31 for involvement and asks Devna to assist him. Maras tells her to go along with it, and make sure the blame falls on D'Nesh.

Meanwhile, the Endeavour is requested by the crew of a cargo ship, the Verne, to mediate after they find a group of independently mobile trees which show signs of intelligence could be harvested for medical supplies...but may also be sentient. When their investigation causes the cargo ship crew to become impatient, one of them tries to force the issue by firing on the trees only to start a forest fire. The trees' actions in extinguishing it and caring for their dead create enough doubt to halt the harvesting. During the mission, Sato experiences an attraction to scientist Farid Najafi but emerges with her feelings for Takashi Kimura intact.

Tucker and Devna travel to Sauria and finds the Orions are using Garos, who is acting as an arms dealer, to sabotage a planned raid on a ship-building factory. Tucker tries to convince Garos to help them but he instead betrays him and Ruiz to Maltuvis. They escape and learn the factory has an anti-matter reactor: Destroying it will cause a disaster which the Federation will be blamed for. Tucker decides to kill Garos to prevent the raid and Ruiz is ultimately killed helping him get back to camp. However, he finds that Garos and Devna have already revealed the existence of the reactor to the Essex crew and called off the raid. The fact that Maltuvis has accepted alien help and endangered the population is exposed to the world. Maltuvis responds by blaming Harrad-Sar and publicly executing him...then strikes a new deal with V'Las.

After hearing full details of the destruction of the Partnership from his daughter and Kirk, Marcus Williams admits to Archer that he has been spying for Section 31. He makes a statement that opens an investigation into the organization (without exposing it): Many agents are arrested but Harris and his inner circle disappear. Williams resigns and Archer makes Reed his new aide, with Paris replacing him as captain of the USS Pioneer. Harris abducts Tucker and Devna and tells them there is a higher level to Section 31 that will ultimately re-emerge, but for now all of them are liabilities. He blows up his ship, killing himself and all the Section 31 inner circle, but Tucker beams himself and Devna to a ship provided by Akharin, content to let everyone think they are dead for now.

The non-interference directive remains unresolved and Shran, on learning Porthos is dying, elects to postpone the final debate and join Archer in looking after him in his last hours.



USS Endeavour personnel
Elizabeth CutlerPhloxHoshi SatoT'Pol
USS Pioneer personnel
Bodor chim GrevSamuel Abraham KirkTherese LiaoTravis MayweatherKatrina NdiayeMalcolm ReedReynaldo SanguptaRegina TallaricoKivei TizahrValeria Williams
USS Essex personnel
Miguel AvilaAlvaro CoelhoMorgan KellyJamala MahendraMelissa MoySteven MullenRogetBryce Shumar
Referenced only
ECS Jules Verne personnel
Alec CastellanoMaya CastellanoFarid NajafiZang Liwei
Starfleet and Section 31 personnel
Jonathan ArcherMatthew HarrisKarimCaroline ParisRamirezThy'lek ShranCharles Tucker III (Philip Collier • Victor Lund • Albert Sims) • Marcus Williams
Referenced only
Ahn Chung-heeMov chim FlarSamuel GardnerJanelle KellyUttan NarsuAlexis OsmanArgonne ParisJames ParisTinh Hoc PhuongResthenar sh'PrenniParvati RaoT'ViriUraeiZenohr
Danica EricksonPercival KimbridgeTakashi KimuraAntonio RuizNasrin Sloane
Referenced only
Olivia AkomoGannet BrooksZefram CochraneFlint (Akharin) • MelinaMuhammedJames Paris Jr.Taylor ParisMiguel SalazarMitsuki SatoWilliam ShakespeareAlbert TuckerElizabeth Tucker
D'NeshDevna (Elevia) • MarasNavaarHarrad-SarParrec-Sut
Other characters
CoraniachDular GarosVinithnel sh'MirrinPorthosKishkik SajithenSovalTanagV'Las
Referenced only
James BondSanta ClausDanielsTobin DaxKhorkalKlaangFelix LeiterMerlinMin glasch NoarQPeliaUraeiVaneelUrwen Zeheri

Starships and vehicles

USS Endeavour (Columbia-class) • Enterprise (NX-class) • USS Enterprise (Starliner) • USS Essex (Daedalus-class) • houseboatECS Jules Vernelaundry truckMerlinUSS Pioneer (Intrepid-class) • Saurian orbital shipShuttlepod 1 (OTV type K42) • Shuttlepod 2 (OTV type K42) • Shuttlepod 3 (OTV type K42) • skimmerspeederUSS Vesta (Ceres-class)
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USS Ceres (Ceres-class) • ECS Horizon (J-class) • inspection podMarshall-classUSS Pallas (Ceres-class) • PhoenixriverboatECS Silk Roadspace planeUSS th'RejjalUSS Thejal (Sevaijen-class) • USS Vol'Rala (Kumari-class)


drydockDunsinane (Birnam/GJ 1045 I) • Earth (602 Club; Oakland; Sausalito; Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, CaliforniaArc de Triomphe; Axe historique; Champs-Élysées; Palais de la Concorde, ParisMount Whitney, Sierra NevadaSapporo, Hokkaido, Japan) • GJ 1045 systemLambda Serpentis (Stameris/Lambda Serpentis VII) • OrionPsi SerpentisSauria (Basilic Palace, M’TezirAkleyro; Vasakleyro river, Lyaksti)
Referenced only
4 VestaAlpha ArietisAlpha Centauri IIIAlpha Centauri VIIAltair VIArdan IVAndoriaBeta Rigel (Rigel V) • DakalaDelta IVDeneb KaitosDenobula • Earth (Amazon BasinBrazilCubaHong KongKyotoMiddle EastMunichToronto) • EtrafsoKandari sectorLorilliaMaluria (Malur) • MarsMercuryNeptuneP’JemPheniot VRastish (Oceantop City) • Sauria (ChonakstiM'Tezir OneR'GanikTai'shekuVeranith) • Starbase 12TenebiaVega IXVulcan

Races and cultures

AndorianDenobulandryadHuman (AmericanAsianBrazilianCaucasianCubanNorteamericanospace boomer) • MalurianOrionRigelian (ChelonJelnaZami) • SaurianTellariteVulcan
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Baldukcloud whaleDeltanDraylaxianEskaFerengi • Human (Greek) • HurraaitItheniteKlingonKreetassanKrutuvubKyrawLorillianMenaikMonsofNausicaanRomulan • Saurian (Narpran) • Sris'siTesnianTrillVanotliVertianVissianWareWraithXindi-ReptilianXyrillian

States and organizations

Clear LightCouncil of the United Federation of PlanetsEarth Cargo ServiceEuropean AllianceFederation Starfleet (United Earth Space Probe Agency) • Global LeagueMaltuvian ArmadaMaltuvian EmpireOrion SyndicateRaldul alignmentSection 31Smithsonian Orbital AnnexUnited EarthUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of AmericaUntainted
Referenced only
Abramson IndustriesEarth Security AgencyExperimental Coleopteric Vehicle programFederation Department of JusticeFederation Security AgencyFirst Families of RigelGrennex AerospaceJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon EmpireLyaksti EmpireNaziPartnership of CivilizationsRigelian Defense ForceRigelian Trade CommissionRomulan Star EmpireRoyal NavySol System Information NetworkSoviet BlocStarfleet AcademyStarfleet SecurityStarfleet IntelligenceUnited Earth StarfleetVulcan High CommandWare task forceWarp Five program

Ranks and titles

actoradmiralagentaidearmory officerBasileusbiologistcaptainChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechefchief engineerchief of staffchief slavecommandercommanding officercommunications officercouncillordictatordiplomatdoctordrill sergeantemperorengineerensignFederation Commissioner of DefenseFederation Commissioner of Diplomatic Affairsfirst officerflight controllerguardhunterjournalistlieutenantlieutenant commandermasksmithmining engineerpilotpiratePresiderpresider-in-exileprincipalprofessorscience officerscientistsector commandersecurity chiefsmugglersoldierspysupervisortraitorvegetarianveterinarianwarp engineerwhaler

Science and technology

algorithmaluminumanimalantideuteriumantimatterantimatter bottleantimatter generatorantiparticleantipodal orbitarmasteroidatmosphereautomatic content blockerbiochemistrybiograftbioluminescencebiometricsbolidebrain (frontal lobenictitating membraneparietal lobe) • Bussard collectorcarbon dioxidecarbon fibercarnivorecatatoniacirculatory systemclaustrophobiaclimatecognitive therapycommunicationscommunicatorcomputercoronal mass ejectioncosmic background radiationcranedata slatedatabasedeflector shielddendriformdepressiondeuteriumdigestive aciddilithiumdilithium articulation framedisruptorDNAecologyecosystemelectrocutionelectrolytic bathelectromagnetic broadcastempathyenviropodevolutionextinguisherfirst generation warp driveforensicsfurnacegamma radiationgasglobal information networkgravitygunhabitable zonehallucinationheated rollerherbivorehydrogenimagerimmunity systeminertial reduction fieldinfraredinsection trailJoviankidneylife supportlight-yearlungM4 starmagnetic fieldmagnifier scopemammalianmedicinemicro fusion drivemuonmyophilic organismnight scopenight visionnocturnalitynuclear weaponosteopenia braceoxidation ovenoxygenoxygen maskparsecphase pistolphase riflepheromonephotonic torpedophotosynthesisphysical therapypituitary glandplagueplasma beamplasma cannonplutonium fission bombpolarized hull platingporous filtration layerprosthesisprotein resequencerquantum charge reversal systemradiationradioisotoperainred dwarfreptilianrocket propulsionrogue planetrootsalvesatellitescannersecond generation warp drivesensorsolar powerspectroanalysisstellar flaresteelsubspacesuperterrestrial planettectonicstelepathytentacletime traveltoroidal braintranslation matrixtransporterultritium bombuniversal translatorvibration dampenervolcanic gaswarp coilWarp drivewarp five enginewarp nacellewarp reactorX-ray laser

Dates and events

3834 BC200221472149215021512152215421572161216321642130s19th century20th century21st centuryAprilcalendarDecemberEarth-Romulan War (Battle of CheronBattle of Tenebia) • Evacuation of Ardan IVStone AgeThird Oceanic WarVertian crisisWare crisis (Evacuation of Rastish) • winterXindi crisis

Other references

The Adventures of Captain ProtonAmerican footballanacondaAndorian gendersarroyoasparagusassassinationBabel ConferencebamboobarbecuebeaglebeaverbirdblackmailBollywoodbookboulderbraceletbulkheadcabochonCalrissian chameleoncampcanopycaptain's oathcargo baycartoonCasablancacensorshipcheesechesscloakcoffeecopsecorncottoncrustaceanculturecurrydamdemocracydeportationdestruct protocoldictatorshipdiplomacyduty shiftEarth Starfleet uniformeconomyelders' groveembargoexecutionfactoryfascismfinchfirewallfirst contactFlash Gordonflaskfreedom of the pressfuneralfurogas chambergisjachehgovernment-in-exilegrassguerrilla campaignHail MaryhangarharemThe Harris Conspiracyhatchholy warhospitalhotelhurricaneIDICindictmentinterrogationjournalismknifekodamakonyokulanding partylanguagelaundry binlawlizardmalt liquormarriagemascotmedalmining colonyministerial conferencemoantarmonarchymonasterymonsoonmountainmovieMunich Christmas MarketmuseumnestnurseryoceanonsenorgyparadeparkPermanent Embargo on Technology Transfers to Immature Civilizations ActpoliticspressPrime Directiveprisonpropagandaprotestpterosaurpulp magazinerainforestrallyregistrationreservoirRigelian gendersrobeRoman alphabetrope bridgesafety harnesssanctionSapporo White IlluminationSaurian brandyschoolscience labseedsentient errorsexualityship factoryshuttlebayThe Singing Swords of S'harienskydivingslave marketslaverysmugglingsombreroSpanish languagesporespriteStarfleet CharterStarfleet uniform (2160s)steel cablesunglassessylphtennisterrorismtorturetradetrade outposttraining drilltreasontreetribeumbrellavegetablewarrantwaterwaterfallwatering holeweddingwhalexenophobia




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This novel covers the period from December 9 of 2165 to March 18 of 2166.

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