Paul Abell was a human space pilot in the 24th century.

In 2369, Abell participated in the Apollo 11 400th anniversary celebrations. He was one of three civilian pilots who were part of the Apollo 11 recreation in July, taking the place of 20th century astronaut, Michael Collins.

Prior to the recreation, he went through months of training in holographic simulations of the Apollo 11 spaceship with his co-pilots Inge Heyer and Amy Sisson.

When the spacecraft reached Earth's moon on 20 July, Abell remained in the command module Columbia orbiting Luna, while Heyer and Sisson descended to the surface aboard the lunar module Eagle.

While he was still aboard Columbia, he was interviewed by UFP Today reporter, John Coffren, stating "I want to do this again in a hundred years." (Star Trek Magazine Issue 162: "Blast Off!")

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