Paul Hoff was a Human male, an archaeologist in the 23rd century who was married to Elsa Hoff.


Paul and Elsa Hoff were known for having discovered crystal cities on Lakh VII. The two archaeologists were extracted by Starfleet in fear of a cyborg uprising. When the uprising was avoided, they resented Starfleet for prematurely ending their work.

By 2273, they had spent a few years alone on Abaris researching an apparently extinct culture. In 2273, they learned to read and speak the native language with the help of a Rosetta Stone-like tile found in a vast underground hall. They discovered 2,000 surviving Abaris natives there, but exposure to their fungal biology and large mushrooms in the hall drugged the Hoffs, making them irrational, paranoid and distrustful. When James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy and Nyota Uhura beamed down, the Hoffs drugged and hid them. When Spock, Hikaru Sulu and Greywolf came across the Hoff, the researchers lied about having seen Kirk and also tried to drug them. When an Abaris pirate held them all at gunpoint to steal the Rosetta Stone tile, Paul physically assaulted the pirate. A stray shot from a laser rifle caused a cave-in and allowed the pirate to escape.

The hall dead-ended in a 5,000 year old carving of the USS Enterprise. To Paul, this was proof that Kirk's arrival meant the death of the natives, a primary reason he wanted to drive Starfleet away. When Kirk informed him that Abaris would be destroyed in a matter of hours, only then did Paul introduce Kirk to the tiny natives. Kirk evacuated the Hoffs and the natives to Starbase 11. (TOS comic: "Aberration on Abaris")






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