Sir James Paul McCartney was a well-known human musician, singer and songwriter of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Born on 18 June, 1942 in Liverpool, England, McCartney went on to become one of The Beatles, a four-man rock group which created some of the best-loved songs of their era on Earth.

McCartney continued to write and record music in the years following the break-up of the Beatles. His song "Live and Let Die" was a popular hit in 1974. (ST - The Eugenics Wars novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Book One)

While visiting the USS Enterprise in 2269, Roberta Lincoln wondered if Pavel Chekov reminded her more of Paul McCartney or George Harrison from the Beatles. (TOS novel: Assignment: Eternity)

In 2241 of the Kelvin timeline, the eleven-year-old Spock successfully answered a question posed to him in a learning center on Vulcan requiring that he identify the composers of a melody by McCartney and his fellow Beatle John Lennon. (TOS novelization: Star Trek)

The Alternate Universe edition of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game includes a Paul Rice card with "daed si luap" written on it; as "Daed si luap" is a letter-for-letter reversal of "Paul is dead", this is intended as a playful reference to the urban legend that McCartney actually died in 1966, and the Beatles hid clues in their later work, many of which could be found by playing songs backwards.

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