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Peaceable Kingdoms is a novel from author Dayton Ward. It is the final novel in the Star Trek: The Fall miniseries, which centers around the Federation and the Typhon Pact.

Publisher's description[]

The final original novel in the electrifying The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover event!
Following the resolution of the fertility crisis that nearly caused their extinction, the Andorian people now stand ready to rejoin the United Federation of Planets. The return of one of its founding member worlds is viewed by many as the first hopeful step beyond the uncertainty and tragedy that have overshadowed recent events in the Alpha Quadrant. But as the Federation looks to the future and the special election to name President Bacco’s permanent successor, time is running out to apprehend those responsible for the respected leader’s brutal assassination. Even as elements of the Typhon Pact are implicated for the murder, Admiral William Riker holds key knowledge of the true assassins— a revelation that could threaten the fragile Federation-Cardassian alliance.
Questions and concerns also continue to swell around Bacco’s interim successor, Ishan Anjar, who uses the recent bloodshed to further a belligerent, hawkish political agenda against the Typhon Pact. With the election looming, Riker dispatches his closest friend, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth. But as Picard and the Enterprise crew pursue the few remaining clues, Riker must act on growing suspicions that someone within Ishan’s inner circle has been in league with the assassins from the very beginning . . . .


The Enterprise-E is being given a series of routine assignments, monitoring a trade agreement between the Typhon Pact and the Ferengi and patrolling the Neutral Zone. Both Picard and Riker feel the ship is being kept out of the way. Using the pretext of going to Deep Space 9 to take over as chief medical officer, Crusher and two security guards head to the planet Jevalan to meet with Ilona Daret, a Cardassian doctor and old friend of hers, who has uncovered evidence that Ishan is an imposter, and that the real Ishan died on the planet.

Crusher's team meet up with both Daret and Tom Riker, who has been sent by Will to help. They come under attack from another special ops team, Active Six, who have already captured and killed Daret's associate Raal Mosara, but manage to uncover the evidence Raal left behind: The real Ishan was executed at the camp, with the camp commandant switching his identity with Baras Rodirya, a Bajoran who provided information on the resistance activities to the Cardassians. Baras has been masquerading as Ishan ever since.

The Enterprise receives a distress call from an Andorian freighter trapped near a nebula, and an away team has to spacewalk across. They find the ship has been rigged to explode, and the Enterprise only just retrieves the away team, being damaged in the process. Despite this, they manage to capture the small Active Six ship that triggered the explosion. Examining its computers, they learn of the mission to Jevalan and head off in pursuit.

The Active Six team pursue Crusher's group to retrieve the evidence, injuring Daret and taking the others prisoner. The USS Tonawanda, sent to collect the prisoners by Baras, fires on the Enterprise until its first officer relieves the captain and orders the crew to hold fire. Crusher's group manage to overpower their captors, who are taken into custody by the Enterprise crew.

Baras is arrested for his many crimes in the Federation Council Chamber; in addition to the evidence of his behavior during the Occupation, Velk proves willing to give evidence when Baras tries to have him killed and Garak announces the capture of Rakan Urkar, the True Way leader who conspired with Baras to assassinate Bacco. Picard requests and is granted a mission of exploration, and zh'Tarash is elected the new president.



USS Enterprise-E personnel
Abigail BalidemajT'Ryssa ChenBeverly CrusherKirsten CruzenRavel DyganDina ElfikiTamala HarstadHaversRennan KonyaGeordi La ForgeGeorge NaderJean-Luc PicardRene Jacques Robert Francois PicardAneta ŠmrhováTaurikWorf
Referenced only 
Hailan CasmirJasminder ChoudhuryNatasha Riker-TroiTaro KatinTropp
USS Enterprise-D personnel
Beverly CrusherDataMiranda KadohataGeordi La ForgeJean-Luc PicardWorf
Referenced only 
Jean-Luc PicardWilliam T. Riker
USS Titan personnel
Torvig Bu-Kar-NguvWilliam T. RikerSecondGen White-BlueDeanna TroiTuvokChristine Vale
Referenced only 
Y'Lira ModanXin Ra-Havreii
USS Tonawanda personnel
LatanunS'hirethal Verauk
USS Sanctuary personnel
Beverly CrusherRahadyan Sastrowardoyo
Starfleet personnel
Leonard James AkaarSonya GomezJoshua HaydenJoris RhaastWilliam T. RikerDeclan SchlosserSsura
Referenced only 
Julian BashirAntigone ChenJack CrusherEzri DaxJadzia DaxDavid GoldJames T. KirkElizabeth LenseSeth MaslanNogKatherine PulaskiRo LarenDalit SaraiBenjamin SiskoSteven UnverzagtVitaliNatasha Yar
Active Six personnel
Miguel AguilarJacob BarrowsContera HilbisFredil ParsLoras GalirTobias PaquetteHaruka Tomashiro
Jevalan residents & prisoners
Baras RodiryaBilekCadekIlona DaretForalHelva DrasIshan AnjarCetal LagrarMyrosi GhaljPavokRakan UrkarVirat
Other characters
Baras RodiryaEric ConeZiy CradiixLeressi sh'DaranIlona DaretPhillipa LouvoisRasanis th'PriilThomas RikerAnthony SherwoodSikra LyrosSovekSyliri AlvoraKellessar zh'TarashTeclasunnamed HumansGalif jav VelkDimitri VelonovVernon Wilmer
Referenced only 
Koll AzernalNanietta BaccoWesley CrusherEnkar SirsyRichard GalenElim GarakGuinanFelisa HowardGell KamemorJan KincadeLemdockQRaal MosaraRaneKyle RikerRomSipakSylixMarthrossi zh'ThiinOnar ThrokTovakUzavehZekMin Zife

Starships and vehicles[]

Barrow's transport (transport) • Cardassian troop transportCereshta (Andorian freighter) • USS Dordogne (Danube-class runabout) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • Justman (shuttlecraft) • land vehicleUSS Sanctuary (hospital ship) • USS Titan (Luna-class) • USS Tonawanda (Nebula-class) • unnamed scout ship (scout)
Referenced only 
USS BastogneBorg Cube 632Cardassian cruiserUSS Centaur (hospital ship) • civilian transportcolony transport shipUSS da Vinci (Sabre-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • earth-moving vehicleescape podUSS FarragutFerengi freighterUSS Lionheart (Nova-class) • merchant freighterUSS PotemkinUSS RobinsonUSS Rochambeau • Son'a vesselStarfleet medical shipUSS StargazersubmersibleUSS SutherlandTzenkethi vesselunnamed Starfleet scout shipUSS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • USS Warspite (Sovereign-class)


AcheronAcheron systemAlpha QuadrantAndor (Lor'Vela) • Andorian sunBeta QuadrantDoltiriDrazen NebulaEarth (Palais de la Concorde, ParisSan Francisco Bay; Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco) • Federation Security Agency Detention FacilityFerenginarFradon IIthe galaxyJevalan (Checkpoint Three, Olanda labor campTabata labor camp) • Starbase 310
Referenced only 
Acamar IIIArcturusArcturus IVArvada IIIBajorBriar PatchCaldos IICardassiaCeltris IIIDeep Space 9/Terok NorDeep Space 9 (II)Delta LeonisDelta QuadrantDenebdrydock • Earth (New Zealand Penal Settlement, Auckland) • Gamma Quadrant • Jevalan (Pencala labor camp) • Klingon BorderKondaii systemLazon IILunaMcKinley StationNervala IVNydak IIoutpostRemusRisaRomulan Neutral ZoneRura PentheSaturnStarbase 75Starbase 211Syrinx IIITau Cygni VTezwa

Races and cultures[]

AcamarianAndorianandroidBajoranBetazoidBolianCapellanCardassianChoblikHumanKlingonRigellian ChelonRomulanSentryTellariteVulcan
Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Active SixBajoran ResistanceCardassian GuardCardassian UnionFederation CouncilFederation News ServiceFederation Security AgencyFerengi AllianceParliament AndoriaProgressive CaucusProtection DetailRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet Medical CorpsStarfleet OperationsStarfleet SecurityTyphon PactUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Active FourAndor Homeworld SecurityBajoran Provisional GovernmentBorg CollectiveCardassian Central Commanddecontamination teamDominionFederation Council Oversight CommitteeFerengi MilitiaKlingon EmpireMaquisStarfleet IntelligenceThird Republic of BajorTholian AssemblyTreishyaTrue Heirs of AndorTrue WayTzenkethi CoalitionVisionist Party

Ranks and titles[]

admiralagentaideambassadoranalystarchaeologistartistassassinassistant chief medical officerassistant medical officerAttorney General of the United Federation of Planetsbabysitterbridge officercadetcaptainCastellan of the Cardassian Unioncheerleaderchiefchief engineerchief mechanicchief medical officerchief of staffcivil servantclowncollaboratorcomfort mancomfort womancommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcommanding officercommunications directorconstruction engineercouriercriminalcryptolinguistdeputy chief of securitydeputy chief of staffdignitarydiplomatdock masterdoctorengineerensignexecutive assistantFederation Ambassador to the Klingon Empirefield operativefirst officerflag officerfleet admiralforensic scientistfreshmangarreshgilglinngorrGrand Nagusground troopguardgulhandlerheavy-machine operatorhired gunhorticulturisthouse servanthousekeeperinformantinformation merchantinstructorjunior officerjunior operations officerkitchen workerlaborerlawyerleaderlieutenantlieutenant colonellieutenant commandermaintenance workermechanicmercenarymerchantminermoleNumber onenurseofficeroperations officerorderlyoverlordoverseerpatientpersonal assistantphysicianpilotpoliticianPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpirePresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresident Pro-Tempore of the United Federation of Planetspress secretaryprisonerprofessorprotégéquartermasterrankrear admiralrebelrefugeerepresentativeresistance fightersaboteursanitation workerscience officerscientistsecond officersecurity advisorsecurity chiefsecurity guardsecurity officersecurity specialistsenior officersenior science officersentryserfslavesleeper agentsoldierSpeaker of the Councilspecial-operations agentspecial-operations officerspeechwriterspystation chiefsuperior officertactical officerteachertechnicianterroristtraitortransporter officertrauma nurseturncoattyrantupperclassmanveteranvigilantewar criminalwarhawkwarriorwatch officerwriteryeoman

Science and technology[]

air cleanerairlockalert indicatoralienantennaanti-gravity implementanti-grav lifteranti-grav stretcheranti-gravity toolantimatter containment podarchaeologyarmartificial gravityartificial intelligenceatmosphereatmospheric distortion fieldbaryon sweepbinocularsbloodboltbombbonebone marrowbrainburst receivercardiac arrestcarotid arterycartilagecentimeterchargechemicalchronometercircuitcivilian communicator badgecivilian tricorderclaustrophobiacloaking deviceclonecomm stationcommunicationscommunications arraycommunications frequencycommunications silencecommunications systemcommunicatorcommunicator badgecomputercomputer terminalcontrol padcontrol panelcoolantcooling unitcoordinatescosmosdata bankdata chipdata filedata padddata roddata storage matrixdatabasedeck platedeflector shielddemolitionsdesktop computer interface terminaldesktop monitordiagnostic scannerdiagnostic tooldilithiumdisplay monitordisruptordisruptor pistoldisruptor rifleDNAdocking collardocking portearthquakeencrypted lockout algorithmencrypted subspace communications arrayencryption hardwareenergyengineenvironmental controlenvironmental suitEPS conduitEPS manifolderinadiumevolutionexplosiveextinctioneyefield lightfield transporterfirefire extinguisherflashlightfogforce fieldforce field generatorfrequencygalaxygasgeneratorgenetic scangenetic therapygoldhairheartheating unithelixholodeckhologramholoimageholomatrixholomodelhull platehyposprayimpulse engineincendiary deviceindicatorinfrared detectorintercominternal generatorisolinear chipisolinear optical data chipisolinear optical data storage rodisolytic subspace burstjamming fieldkeypadkilometerleglight poleloaderlocklungmagnetic beltmagnetic bootmagnetic gripmagnetic polemagnetic safety lockmaneuvering thrustermanual interfacemaster control consolemaster passkeymathmatter-antimatter reactormedical tricordermedicationmemory bankmetagenic weaponmetermicrophonemineralminingmonsoonmoonmotion detectormotion sensormusclenadion-pulse cannonnavigational deflectornebulaocular implantoptical data cablingOrb of the ProphetsorbitoreOrkett's diseaseP-38 magnetic door seal converterpaddpassive sensorphaserphaser arrayphaser riflepistolplanetplantplanetoidplasma injectorportable scanner arraypower generatorpower lineprobepropulsion systemproximity sensorpublic address systempulseqo'leghquantum torpedoradiationrainreaderreceiving portrecycling systemrefrigeration unitreplicatorretinal scanribrouterrunning lightscannersciencesearchlightsecurity lockoutself-diagnostic programsensorsensor arraysensor suitserverShedai meta-genomesidearmskullsniffer softwaresoftwaresolar rayspacespace stationspaceshipspeakerspinestarstar systemstasis chamberstasis containerstasis unitstatus indicatorsubspacesubspace rupturesubspace tearsubspace transceiversupport strutsynthetic general tranquilizertactical binocularstactical-grade sensor packagetechnologytemperature regulation systemthrustertimetime bombtorpedotorpedo launchertractor beamtractor beam emittertranquilizertransparasteeltranspondertransportertransporter padtraumatricorderturboliftviewfinderviewscreenwarp corewarp core breachwarp drivewarp factorwarp nacellewater filtration systemwater pumping stationweatherweather modification networkwheelwork lightxenobiology

Other references[]

2267235723612364236523692371238023812382238323842385 Special Federation Presidential Election21st century22nd century23rd centuryAcademy Marathonaccess panelaccess tunnelalarm sirenalpha shiftancillary chamberAndorian fertility crisisAndorian gendersanteroomarmorartartifactashassassinationauthorization codeAuthorization Code Beta 73 Sierra 9 AlphaAuthorization Picard Alpha Omega 3955awardaway teamaxbadgeBajoran languagebalaclavaballbarrackbath saltsbatonBattle of Acamarbeltbenchbeta shiftbilletbirthdayblack marketblack sitebladeBlue OneBlue TwoBlue ThreeBlue Fourboard of inquirybooby trapbookbootBorg Invasion of 2381bourbonboxbridgebriefing roombrigbulkheadbureaucracycablecamouflagecandlecanvascapcapital citycapitalismcartcaptain's chaircarafeCardassian languageCardassian Guard uniformCardiecargo baycargo containercargo hatchcargo podcargo transfer centercarpetcastlecatnapcatwalkcelebratory ballcenturyceremonial baldricceremonial robecharcoalchild care facilitycheckpointchocolatechocolate puddingcityclinicclothclothingcoastercockpitcoffeecoffincolonycommand centercommand wellcommendationcommunications protocolconference roomconn stationcontrabandcorridorcotcottagecourt martialcourtyardcoverallcratercreamCrusher Sanctuary Five Seven AlphacrystalcurtainD'ja paghdaisdate-time stampdaydecadededication ceremonydemocracydessertdetention centerdiplomacydistress calldivorcedomeDominion Wardoor chimedormitoryduckEarl Greyearringelectionembassyemergency aid stationemotionencrypted burst transmissionencryption protocolengineeringequalization protocolevacuationevasive maneuverexcavationexecutionexilefabricfail-safe parameterfeatherFederation-Cardassian WarFederation embassyFederation sealFederation Standardfield knifeflagfinancial institutionflagshipflight logflight planfuneralgalleygamma shiftgardenghostglassglovegodgovernmentgrassgravegravelgraveyardguard towergymnasiumhailhailing frequencyhammerhathelmhelmethistoryholding cellholidayholsterhomeworldhospitalhotelhouridentification protocolinauguration ceremonyinsigniainterrogationinvestigationisolation protocoljacketjournaljumpsuitkeyKhitomer Accordskickboxing dummykingdomkissKlingon calisthenics programknifelab ratlabor camplaboratoryladderlanding portlanguagelavatorylawleafleashlibraryliteraturelogicloungemaintenance hatchmaintenance logmapmarathonmarriagemartial artsmaskmedkitmedical recordmedical smockmeditationmess hallmetalmilitarymilitary industrial complexmilitary statemilkmining campminutemonthmortuarymountainmounting bracketmudmutinynavigation logNovemberobservation loungeOccupation of Bajorofficers' messofficers' loungeOperation Vanguardops stationorb arkorbital bombardmentpaintpaintingpaperparadeparanoiaparapetpatiopedestalpenal colonyphaser rangephilosophyphotographpippitcherpodiumpokerpolitical campaignpollingpondpressurization protocolprimary hullprisonprisoner exchangeprivacy screenpromotionprotocolpuddingpulleypuzzlequadrantquartersrabbitragratready roomrebellionrecordrecycling centerreligionreportresignationrestraintsroberockroperugsabotagesafety protocolsatchelscabbardschoolscience stationsculpturescuttlebuttsea monstersecessionsecondsectorsecuritysecurity check pointsecurity protocolsenior staffsensor logservice logsheepshelving unitshore leaveshowershrapnelshrineshuttlebaysirensmocksmugglingsoilspecial electionsplintspoonheadspringstar chartStarfleet CharterStarfleet duty uniformStarfleet uniformsteelstonestorage lockerstorybookstretchersubspace transceiver protocolsugarsupply depotsupply lockersupport stanchionswimsuitswordtactical stationtapestrytarmactarpaulintavernteatelepathytempletentterrorismthermocretetiletintingtoadietooltool lockertorturetoytradetraining programtranscripttransporter roomtrauma centertravel brochuretreasontreetriage stationtrialtunictunneluniformvacationvampirevanillavoiceprint authorizationwaste-reclamation centerwatchtowerwaterwaterfallweaponweapon mountweapons lockerweedweekwolfwoodworkstationwrist restraintsyearyellow alert




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