Pearl was the nickname given to the Anjurwan healer treated by The Doctor aboard USS Voyager in 2374. The name was given by a holographic recreation of Dr. Leonard McCoy with whom The Doctor consulted. The name was a reference to another empathic healer, Gem, whom Scotty had described as "a pearl of great price".

Pearl was regarded as one of the most skilled healers among the Anjurwan. She healed Captain Kathryn Janeway when she suffered an allergic reaction during a diplomatic dinner hosted by Vashnar First Counselor Aken. Later the same day, she was called upon to heal an injured Vashnar, overtaxing her empathic abilities and bringing her near death. The Doctor insisted on treating her in Voyager's sickbay, but her physiology resisted all standards treatments. She was finally able to recover through physical contact with the now-uninjured Janeway. (VOY - Strange New Worlds II short story: "The Healing Arts")

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