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Pel was a Ferengi woman who lived in the 24th century.


In the year 2370, Pel disguised herself as a male to prove that female Ferengi were capable of making profit and took a job in Quark's on Deep Space 9. Pel advised Quark to stock Gramilian sand peas as a bar snack to increase profits. Shortly after, she assisted Quark in trade meetings with the Dosi regarding the purchase of Tulaberry wine. Her advice was instrumental in obtaining an extended contact with the Dosi. However, she ended up falling in love with Quark. Rom, who was jealous of Quark's reliance on Pel's advice, ultimately exposed her as a female. At first, Grand Nagus Zek was going to have Pel and Quark arrested, because it was against Ferengi law to take financial advise from a female, but Quark pointed out to the Nagus that he, too, was guilty, as he had also taken advice from her. Pel told Quark that she loved him, but Quark told her she would not be happy as a Ferengi wife. Pel then left the station, as there was no place there for a clothed Ferengi female with good business sense. (DS9 episode: "Rules of Acquisition")

During the Dominion War, Pel was stuck on Solamin Prime where she was taught to pilot shuttles. In 2377, Pel was a partner of Gaila and served as his pilot aboard the Golden Handshake. At the same time Brunt became another partner and she and he were seen together several times, causing Gaila to suspect that they were plotting against him, so he ordered his Breen guards to kill them both. Pel was saved by Brunt and the two began a new partnership. (ST novella: Reservoir Ferengi)

In 2385, Pel worked with Rionoj and T'lana to get Quark to help them publish Vulcan Love Slave IV: Lust's Latinum Lost. (DS9 eBook: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found))


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