Penk pal gal Throoma Shorn was a male humanoid who lived in the Delta Quadrant in the 24th century. He was a coordinator of the popular bloodsport Tsunkatse who worked for the Norcadians. He kidnapped unwilling aliens to supply fighters for the sport, and hosted the fights on board his large starship.

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In 2257, Penk captured a Hirogen, Hajur and his son. Hajur's son was released due to him being "too small" for Tsunkatse. Penk then had Hajur fight in the games for the next 20 years.

In 2376, he captured Seven of Nine and Tuvok as they were studying a micro-nebula and forced Seven to fight in the games in exchange for medical care for Tuvok, who was injured by an explosive that was beamed aboard their shuttle.

When the USS Voyager discovered Seven was in the Tsunkatse match, they hunted down Penk's ship. Penk tried to brush them off, but they opened fire. They began destroying Penk's ship's transmitters, so he had to transfer power from the force fields to the remaining transmitters. This made them weak enough for the Voyager to beam Tuvok, Seven, and the Hirogen Hajur off Penk's ship. (VOY episode: "Tsunkatse")

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