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A Peregrine attack fighter in 2409.

The Peregrine class was a type of shuttlecraft, originally employed as a courier vessel by the Federation. The Maquis appropriated several of these ships and used them during their insurrection against the Cardassian Union. (DS9 episode: "Heart of Stone")

The Maquis classified the Peregrine-class as interceptors. (VOY - Spirit Walk novel: Old Wounds)

Peregrine-class vessels were capable of atmospheric travel. The design of the vessels resembled a bird, with a beak-like bow and two wings, on which were mounted phaser emitters. The ships had torpedo launchers on the front and rear. (TNG - Double Helix novel: Quarantine)

History and specifications[]

A Federation fighter in the 2370s.

Federation fighter classes.

Vessels of this type were in service by the 2360s decade. (TNG - Double Helix novel: Quarantine)

In the mirror universe, the Second Terran Empire deployed Peregrine fighters in 2409. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Defend the Beta Ursae Sector Block")

They remained in service to Federation Starfleet and its Khitomer Alliance partners into the 2410s. They formed the default hangar complement for Starfleet strike wing escorts, like the Akira and Armitage-class. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Ships of the class[]



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