Perfecto Oviedo was a male Human Starfleet Crewman aboard the USS Voyager when it was thrown to the Delta Quadrant. He was born at the Ibiza 7 Deep Space Colony on September 29, 2348, and became a member of the Hazard team's Beta Squad, as well as quartermaster for the entire team.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Oviedo was born on one of the outermost planets of the Federation. This distance from Federation protection caused the small colony to constantly be on guard from attacks from any hostile aliens. Growing up in this environment, Oviedo was well aware of how weapons functioned at a young age. Through study and hard work, he managed to gain entrance into Starfleet as an enlisted Crewman where his aptitude for weapons technology became evident. Nicknamed 'Tech', he enjoys nothing more than to tear down a weapon and then reassemble it, piece by piece. He is constantly tweaking weapons, bringing their performance to just a little higher than intended.

Voyager and the Hazard team[edit | edit source]

Oviedo was assigned to the USS Voyager when it was thrown to the Delta Quadrant in 2371. He served as security arms officer for five years before trying out for the Hazard team in 2376.

He was accepted into the team's Beta Squad, but Tuvok realized that he was a natural choice as the Hazard team's quartermaster - if there's a piece of equipment needed he'll find it or build it. He keeps his armory fully stocked with weapons, ammo, field equipment and holodeck programs created by him to test weaponry. He was a great contributor to Seven of Nine's infinity modulator, and also assisted in the creation of the Photon Burst, which fired mini-photon torpedoes. Oviedo bravely assisted in defending the ship from the Vohrsoth's Harvesters when they invaded Voyager shortly before they were destroyed by the Hazard team.

It is assumed that Oviedo returned with the rest of the crew when Voyager escaped the Delta Quadrant through the Borg transwarp hub. It is likely he received a Starfleet security assignment either on another starship or a station, since he did not join the reformed Hazard team aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2380. Ensign Korban took his place aboard that ship. (VOY video game: Elite Force)

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