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The Pergamum Nebula, often referred to as the Pergamum, is an expansive, volatile nebular cloud located somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants, quite distant from Federation space in the 23rd century. The Pergamum is in the vicinity of the Ionite Nebula, and is home to a number of races and cultures, many of which originate from the planet K'davu in the heart of the region.

History and specificsEdit

The Pergamum was the site of a long standing state of war between the Rengru and the various humanoid species of K'davu, who allied themselves together as The Boundless.


The Enterprise.



The Federation starship USS Enterprise was assigned to chart this nebula in the year 2256, with Captain Christopher Pike commanding. Pike attempted to leave the nebula in order to intervene in the conflict with the Klingons, but was ordered to remain on the charting assignment by Admirals Terral and Cornwell. (DSC novel: The Enterprise War)

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