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Pergium (symbol Pe, and also known as roentgenium or Rg) is a chemical element, atomic number 111 on the periodic table.

Characteristics and history

Pergium, in its most stable form, has an atomic mass of 292. Unsynthesized deposits of this substance was discovered by Humans for the first time on planet Mercury, in the year 2023. This metal is part of the trans-uranic series of heavy elements. (ST reference: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Pergium is typically used in energy production and life support systems by thousands of planets, making it a valuable commodity. One of the Federation's largest sources of pergium in the 23rd century was the mining colony on planet Janus VI, where it was eventually extracted through the joint efforts of the native Horta and Human colonists. (TOS episode: "The Devil in the Dark")

In 2274, mining rights for pergium were being negotiated between the Federation and the planet Hephaestus. (TOS comic: "All the Infinite Ways")

In 2297, advances in life support technology made pergium unnecessary. (ST - Strange New Worlds VII short story: "Guardians")

In 2370, Horta miners discovered pergium on Baraddo, one of Bajor's moons. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

Pergium is a good signal when mining for latinum crystals as they typically form near deposits of the substance. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

Yanas Tigan and her family owned an operated a pergium facility on Sappora VII. It was once the fifth largest in the sector, until the Ferengi discovered a larger quantity on Timor II and established their own mining concern. (DS9 episode: "Prodigal Daughter")

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In real-life science, element 111 has only recently been discovered, and named "roentgenium" (Rg). Some models of theoretical science have stated that heavy elements on this scale cannot exist in nature. Subspace science mentioned in Star Trek may account for the contradiction of this being a resource on other worlds.


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