The Perikian Free Army was the primary land based military force for the nation of Perikia, one of the nation-states from Bajor's ancient history before the Bajora unified the planet. The army was under the command of General Torrna Antosso.

Following the hard fought independence from Lerrit, the PFA maintained many operatives within Lerrit and her military. One such operative was Moloki, who sent a report regarding the Lerrit Navy being rebuilt. Moloki also sent back regular reports on the royal family, and suspected that Prince Avtra was doing all the real work while the Queen died, and later was able to help the captured General Antosso and Kira Nerys escape imprisonment in a Lerrit dungeon.

After the collapse of the Fire Caves and the destruction of the port city of Yvrig, the Lerret launched a new attack against both the Perikia and Endtree, fighting both on sea and land. The Lerrit Army lost a major battle at Barlin Field, but were able to capture General Torrna and Kira Nerys. (DS9 short story: "Horn and Ivory")

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