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Perithees was a star system located near Federation and Romulan Empire space in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

History and specifics[]

Perithees's orbit included at least two inhabited planets which formed the Perithees Alliance.

In 2267, the starship USS Enterprise visited the system and gave Ambassador Sork a tour in hopes of forging an alliance against the Romulans. Sork joined Pavel Chekov and two crewmen in exploring a mysterious derelict discovered within the system, but it was a trap to kidnap the ambassador, and the spacecraft took off at high warp. The Enterprise attempted to pursue, but was struck by a convulsor beam and temporarily disabled.

Admiral Voysey agreed with James T. Kirk's theory that the trap had been set by Romulans to derail an alliance. Kirk and Spock were able to rescue Sork and his crew on Tekton. As Sork was returned to the Perithees system, he dedicated himself to signing a treaty with the Federation. (TOS comic: "The Perithees Alliance")



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