The personal log of Phillip Boyce contained log entries kept while he served aboard the USS Enterprise.


Phillip Boyce



  • Stardate 390.5. Doctor Phillip Boyce, personal log. 
    The news I received before we left worries me greatly. If Colt's mishap hadn't delayed us I'd never missed it altogether.
    I must talk to Chris about it, but he has enough on his plate as it is.
    I'll have to keep my own counsel for now , and pray for the best.
    Spock was right about searching for the Klingons. However, it's taking forever.
    If I had my tricorder I could locate their. Bio-signs in an instant... and if the Temazi found it, they'd hand me my head.
    God bless the Prime Directive.
    To obtain the Thanotos cache, the Klingons would logically attempt to infiltrate the shrine guardians. However, Klingons are rarely logical.
    I hope the captain's are reaping greater rewards than mine.
    (EV comic: "Thanatos")

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