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Dr Peter Alden was a Human male born in the 24th century. Before his resignation, he was a Starfleet officer and worked for Starfleet Intelligence. Following his resignation, he signed onto the science vessel Athene Donald where he undertook a doctorate in xenolinguistics, completing it in "record time".


Alden attended Starfleet Academy with Ezri Dax and trained in xenosociolinguistics. By the 2380s, Alden had attained the rank of commander and worked in the department of Tzenkethi Affairs within Starfleet Intelligence. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Brinkmanship; DS9 novel: The Missing)

In the year 2383, Starfleet Intelligence assigned Commander Alden to work with Captain Dax and the crew of the USS Aventine on a mission to investigate Tzenkethi activity at a Venetan base. He ended up rescuing a lowly Tzenkethi designated Corazame Ret Ata-E from Ab-Tzenketh after she became involved in an S.I. mission. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Brinkmanship)

Alden groomed Corazame to work for Starfleet Intelligence with the ultimate goal of returning her to Ab-Tzenketh as an undercover agent. Despite his plans for Corazame, Alden befriended her and cared very much for her, even going as far as calling her Cory. She in turn called him Peteh.

Alden and Corazame visited Deep Space 9 in November 2385 with the intention of boarding the civilian science vessel, Athene Donald, to gather intelligence about the only other Tzenkethi aboard, Metiger Ter Yai-A. After he had secured passage, despite vehement protestations from Katherine Pulaski, and the Athene Donald had left DS9, he discovered that Corazame was not on board and became increasingly worried about her.

When the Athene Donald encountered the Chain, and was temporarily delayed in their mission by the superior vessel, Alden and Pulaski formed an away team to the Chain ship. Alden was instrumental in gathering information during the tense first contact which had been exacerbated by DS9's related first contact with the People of the Open Sky.

After speaking with Corazame who was still aboard DS9, Alden realised that working for Starfleet Intelligence was not making him happy, so he resigned his commission and joined the crew of the Athene Donald to work on his doctorate. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

By 2388, Alden had completed his doctorate in xenolinguistics, performing the multiyear task in "record time" and becoming recognised in his field. That year he visited Cardassia Prime with Pulaski, whom he had become close to. There, he was contacted by SI to help recover a long-lost agent, identified as "our man", who had vanished in circa 2373 but had reappeared violent and attempting to sabotage the career of Natima Lang, potential principal of the University of the Union and a leading figure in Cardassian society. Feeling empathy for a fellow agent who had also suffered a mental breakdown, Alden immediately complied and ensured "our man" was recovered from Cardassia. (DS9 novel: Enigma Tales)



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