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Peter David

Peter David is the author of a number of bestselling Star Trek novels, including Imzadi, Q-Squared, and the Star Trek: New Frontier series, which he created along with John J. Ordover.

In addition to his Star Trek fiction, he also worked with James Doohan in the writing of his autobiography, Beam Me Up, Scotty.

David lives in Long Island, New York.

Alien creationsEdit

Peter David has created and written the first appearance of numerous alien races and cultures.



Title Series Format Collaborator Published Image
Strike Zone The Next Generation novel -- March 1989 StrikeZone
A Rock and a Hard Place The Next Generation novel -- January 1990 A rock and a hard place
Doomsday World The Next Generation novel Carmen Carter,
Michael Jan Friedman,
Robert Greenberger
July 1990 Doomsday World cover
Vendetta The Next Generation novel -- May 1991 Vendetta
Q-in-Law The Next Generation novel -- October 1991 Q in law
The Rift The Original Series novel -- November 1991 Rift
The Disinherited The Original Series novel Michael Jan Friedman,
Robert Greenberger
May 1992 TheDisinherited
Imzadi The Next Generation novel -- August 1992 Imzadi
The Siege Deep Space Nine novel -- May 1993 Ds92 the siege
Starfleet Academy

Worf's First Adventure
The Next Generation novel -- August 1993 Worf1stadventure
Starfleet Academy

Line of Fire
The Next Generation novel -- October 1993 Lineoffirecover
Starfleet Academy

The Next Generation novel -- December 1993 Survival
Q-Squared The Next Generation novel -- July 1994 Qsquared
The Captain's Daughter The Original Series novel -- December 1995 CaptainsDaughter
Wrath of the Prophets Deep Space Nine novel Michael Jan Friedman,
Robert Greenberger
April 1997 WrathoftheProphets
House of Cards New Frontier novel -- July 1997 NF1 House of Cards cover
Into the Void New Frontier novel -- July 1997 NF2 Into the Void cover
The Two-Front War New Frontier novel -- August 1997 50px
End Game New Frontier novel -- August 1997 NF 4 End Game Cover
Martyr New Frontier novel -- March 1998 NF 5 Martyr Cover.jpg
Fire on High New Frontier novel -- April 1998 NF 6 Fire on High
The Captain's Table, Book 5

Once Burned
New Frontier novel -- October 1998 Once burned
Triangle: Imzadi II The Next Generation novel -- October 1998 TriangleImzadi2
Double Helix, Book 5

Double or Nothing
New Frontier novel -- August 1999 Double or Nothing cover
I, Q The Next Generation novel John de Lancie September 1999 IQcover
The Quiet Place New Frontier novel -- November 1999 The Quiet Place cover
Dark Allies New Frontier novel -- November 1999 Dark Allies cover
Enterprise Logs

Star Trek short story -- June 2000 Enterprise Logs
Excalibur, Book 1

New Frontier novel -- September 2000 Requiem cover
Excalibur, Book 2

New Frontier novel -- September 2000 Renaissance cover
Excalibur, Book 3

New Frontier novel -- November 2000 Restoration cover
Gateways, Book 6

Cold Wars
New Frontier novel -- October 2001 Cold Wars cover
Gateways: What Lay Beyond

Death After Life
New Frontier novella -- November 2001 What Lay Beyond
Being Human New Frontier novel -- November 2001 Being Human cover
Gods Above New Frontier novel -- October 2003 Gods Above cover
No Limits

A Little Getaway

New Frontier anthology

short story

edited with Keith R.A. DeCandido


October 2003 NoLimits
Stone and Anvil New Frontier novel -- October 2003 Stone and Anvil cover
Tales of the Dominion War

Stone Cold Truths
New Frontier short story -- August 2004 Tales of the Dominion War
After the Fall New Frontier novel -- November 2004 After the Fall
Tales from the Captain's Table

Pain Management
New Frontier short story -- June 2005 TalesCaptainsTable
Missing in Action New Frontier novel -- Fabruary 2006 Missing in action
Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances

Cutting Ties
New Frontier novel -- March 2007 Mirror2
Before Dishonor The Next Generation novel -- November 2007 Before Dishonor
Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows

New Frontier short story -- January 2009 Shards and Shadows
Treason New Frontier novel -- April 2009 Treason
Blind Man's Bluff New Frontier novel -- April 2011 Blind Man's Bluff cover
The Returned, Part 1 New Frontier eBook -- July 2015 The Returned 1 cover
The Returned, Part 2 New Frontier eBook -- August 2015 The Returned 2 cover
The Returned, Part 3 New Frontier eBook -- September 2015 The Returned 3 cover


Title Series Publication Date Cover Notes
"The Stars in Secret Influence" Original Series March 1988 DC1 48 Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Aspiring to be Angels" Original Series April 1988 Aspiring To Be Angels Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Marriage of Inconvenience" Original Series May 1988 DC1 50 Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Haunted Honeymoon" Original Series June 1988 DC1 51 Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Hell in a Handbasket" Original Series July 1988 DC1 52 Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"You're Dead Jim" Original Series August 1988 DC1 53 Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Old Loyalties" Original Series September 1988 Old Loyalties Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Finnegan's Wake!" Original Series October 1988 DC1 55 Who Killed Captain Kirk?
"Retrospect" Original Series 1988 DC1 Annual 3
"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" Original Series 1989 Final Frontier comic
"The Return!" Original Series October 1989 DC2 01 Death Before Dishonor
"The Sentence" Original Series November 1989 DC2 02 Death Before Dishonor
"Death Before Dishonor" Original Series December 1989 DC2 03 Death Before Dishonor
"Repercussions" Original Series January 1990 DC2 04 Death Before Dishonor
"Fast Friends" Original Series February 1990 DC2 05 Death Before Dishonor
"Cure All" Original Series March 1990 DC2 06 Death Before Dishonor
"Not... Sweeney!" Original Series April 1990 DC2 07 The Trial of James T. Kirk
"Going, Going..." Original Series May 1990 DC2 08 The Trial of James T. Kirk
"... Gone!" Original Series June 1990 DC2 09 The Trial of James T. Kirk
"The First Thing We Do..." Original Series July 1990 DC2 10 The Trial of James T. Kirk
"... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!" Original Series August 1990 DC2 11 The Trial of James T. Kirk
"Trial and Error!" Original Series September 1990 DC2 12 The Trial of James T. Kirk
"A Rude Awakening!" Original Series October 1990 DC2 13 The Return of the Worthy
"Great Expectations!" Original Series December 1990 DC2 14 The Return of the Worthy
"So Near the Touch" Original Series 1990 So Near the Touch
"Tomorrow Never Knows!" Original Series January 1991 DC2 15 The Return of the Worthy
"Once a Hero!" Original Series May 1991 DC2 19
"Starfleet Academy!" Original Series 1991 DC2 Ann 2
"In Memory Yet Green..." Next Generation September 1991 In Memory Yet Green The Modala Imperative
"Lies and Legends!" Next Generation September 1991 Lies and Legends cover The Modala Imperative
"Prior Claim" Next Generation October 1991 PrioClaimcover The Modala Imperative
"Game, Set and Match!" Next Generation October 1991 GameSetrMatch cover The Modala Imperative
"Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" Original Series 1991 UDCcomic
"Blaise of Glory" Original Series Spring 1994 Spring 1994
"Double Time" New Frontier November 2000 Double Time Cover
"Turnaround, Part I" New Frontier March 2008 IDW New Frontier Turnaround
"Turnaround, Part II" New Frontier April 2008 Turnaround 2a Turnaround
"Turnaround, Part III" New Frontier April 2008 Turnaround 3 Turnaround
"Turnaround, Part IV" New Frontier June 2008 Turnaround part 4 Turnaround
"Turnaround, Part V" New Frontier July 2008 Turnaround part 5 Turnaround


  • Cacophony (under the pseudonym J.J. Molloy)

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