Phanos was an inhabited planet in the space of the galaxy's Delta Quadrant.

In the 24th century, a group of Talaxians escaping Haakonian control decided to settle on Phanos. Even though the planet had a large amount of unoccupied territory, the planetary government of Phanos gave them only a small portion of land, claiming that placing them under quarantine would protect the rest of the population from alien diseases, although the Talaxians figured that the government did not want the mixing of outsiders with their population. In time it became clear that the land given to the Talaxians wasn't enough to grow sufficient food. This led to one of the Talaxians, the husband of Dexa, to farm outside the restricted zone, which led to conflict with a security patrol that got him killed, and this incident made the Talaxians leave Phanos to find a new home. (VOY episode: "Homestead")

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